Would you want to live an unforgettable experience being you the model you always dreamed of being? Why not?

A Beauty photo session is all about empowering and capturing you in the most beautiful and artistic way, and about giving you confidence.

Modern glamour portrait sessions are a fabulous fusion of fashion, beauty, and fun, and if you’ve ever looked longingly at the glossy spread of a fashion magazine and wondered what the modeling experience might be like, participating in your own modern glamour portrait session will come quite close.

If you want to try this experience and have fun contact us! We will make it possible!

When you should book your session

You should book your Beauty session at least with one month in advance.

How will the session be

We will do the session in the morning and it will take around 3 hours. However we don’t like to put a timer so if we need more time we will take it. We will start with your make-up and then the shoot.

What should you prepare

You can prepare some clothes you would like to wear. As soon as you make your booking we will send you some very simple instructions with the clothes you need, and in addition, you can send us photos so that we confirm that everything will be ideal. Also, we have a beautiful selection of fabrics and dresses at the studio that you can use.


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