A moment that will not return! Would you like to capture it forever?

Pregnancy is a unique journey that takes 9 months full of excitement, joy, sorrow, and even fear. The mix of all these feelings is something unique and makes the pregnancy go over way quicker than it actually is. The wonder of creating a new life, see it grow right in front of your eyes and building a bond with the baby needs to be captured so it will never be forgotten.

Our studio offers editorial style pregnancy portraits, b&w nude, b&w portraits and silhouettes.The warm and inviting space offers personalised attention and comfort tailored to each individual client. We can discuss the type of shots you’d like and make of this an unforgettable experience!

When is the best time to do it and when to book

The best time to do your pregnancy shoot is between 32 and 34 weeks. We recommend that you let us know in advance so we can give you a date for your session before we run out.

Where your session is held

In the case of pregnancy photo sessions, you can choose between doing it in studio or outside depending on your preference. However, the weather in Ireland is very unstable and makes difficult to do a session outdoor especially in Winter. We do not advise to do the session outdoors from November to March because of the cold, although if you are very brave, we can do it.

What should you prepare

We will only need you to prepare the clothes for daddy in case he wants to go out in the photos, and a couple of things for you that we will tell you as soon as you make the booking. But it will be very little, since we have endless beautiful fabrics and dresses for the maternity sessions.


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