I am recently receiving many emails to request information about my pregnancy sessions. As some questions are always the same I have decided to write a post to help you all with this enquiries. The most frequently asked questions are:

Should I bring my clothes or you provide them in your studio?

Preparing clothes for a maternity photo session could be a nightmare, but actually, it is easier than you can imagine.

I have a selection of clothes and dresses that I use in my photoshoots. The selection includes: glamorous dresses, elegant blouses, skirts and bodysuits. Also, I have a beautiful fabrics that I use to create an amazing look.

Although I have all that I need for your photoshoot, I am a person who likes to prepare everything in advance. My key is if you work in what you really want to achieve and you prepare really good the session before the shoot then the result is completely different and stunning. That why I like to involve my clients in the preparation of the session. Also, I suggest to bring any clothes you would like to wear. Sometime people feel better with their clothes and they really like to be photographed with them.

Should I make my make-up at home before the session or do you provide this service in your studio?

A professional makeup artist works with me to make you look fabulous the day of your session. Long time ago I decided to incorporate this service because, as a professional, the make-up artist knows the different kind of skins tones and also how to enhance the facial features in the most beautiful way. All you need is to come with your face clean. That is all! We will make the rest at my studio.

How long takes the photoshoot?

Normally the photoshoot takes around 3 hours. I love to talk a bit with my clients when they arrive to the studio so we know each other, we break the ice and we see the clothes we are going to use. Then the make-up artist start with you make-up. This takes around 1 hour. When you are ready we start with your photoshoot and it takes around 2 hours.

I like to work without haste. First you will be more relaxed and secondly I like to pay attention to all the details so I can take the best of you. If you are planning to book a photoshoot with me think that you are going to spend all the morning in my studio. I suggest don’t make plans for these day! 😉

Could I be accompanied or can I take my other child?

The photoshoot is focused on you as you are the protagonist but also, you can come with your partner, child or even with your mom.

I hope this is helpful for you! Please if you have any other questions or you like to book your session contact me!