I am delighted to announce that MARHA VR Photography has introduced Beauty Sessions.

I have always been inspired by women, and, as a woman, I believe we are, stronger, smarter and more powerful than we often think we are. We undervalue ourselves and set our own limits. It is time to stop those thoughts! I have created these sessions to help you see that you really are more than you believe, that you have to feel confident and also, and most important to make you have an amazing experience with yourself on that day.

What do you need for this session?

You don’t need to bring anything for these sessions, just the desire to live this experience. As soon as you contact me, I will send you a guide on how to prepare your session. We will talk about clothes, props, and what we need for the shoot. I like to involve you in all the processes because it is the way you will enjoy more. Also, I have a beautiful selection of dresses, fabrics and clothes we can use!

Fotografía de belleza

What about makeup?

I also provide makeup which will be done by a profesional make up artist the day of the session. You will live the full experience, from the make up to the posing and finally the grateful moment when you see your prints on your walls.

Are you ready for it? Contact me to know more about it. Be Strong, be yourself!
With love,