Who is Marha Valseca Ruiz?

…some of you could be thinking… so here I am.
After launching my new website I thought it could be nice to start my first post explain you all who am I and where I come from…

Could be hard to believe that I always love photography, but it is true! Since the first time I held a camera on my hands I have that feeling, which is still there.

Where was I born?

I was born in Seville, yes, where the oranges come from! 🙂 But not only it but many others things such an amazing writers, musicians, painters, chefs… To be honest, in my opinion, Seville is one of the capital of art. If you haven’t visited yet don’t hesitate and book your flights. Never and ever go to Seville in summer if you don’t want to burn yourself in the heat. Joking apart try to avoid July and August it is too hot even for myself already. Here you can find more information about my place.

When exactly came up my passion for photography?

It was in a family vacation up in the north of Spain (also, marvellous place, totally different from the south, but absolutely gorgeous. It is kind of Ireland landscape but better weather…AND CHEAPER) 😉

So in these trip my mom gave me her camera and in that moment something came to my mind, how this machine could retain what I was seeing throughout the camera’s viewer. I was lucky as my family love travelling and we have been all over Spain which was very good to continue developing my love for photography.

My first flight

I was only 15 when I had the opportunity to go to New Zealand and my other passion came up, TRAVELLING. Who does not recognise these feeling in the surface just the moment before you take off? for me starts there, 15 years back waiting for my first flight on my own.

An unforgettable experience

After that big trip I tried to combine study, work and travelling as much as I could. I was quite sure what my studies were going to: photography, videography, creation, art, life. With all of it I studied a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Media at the University of Seville, and thanks to that, I had the chance to visit and live in Brasil for a year. During this year I made 7000 kms travelling to the north of the country, I don’t have the words to explain the feelings and the experience lived. Although every trip change your mind, your way to see the world, this one was a before and an after for myself.

Where my career started

When I came back to Spain I was a different person, my degree was finished and I could not find that placement where my dream, Photography, were along with others so I decided to start over again and I came to Dublin. The beginnings are not easy and like the Celtics said, there is not start without end, no light without darkness. So there I was decided to fulfil my dream. It was 2014 for that time and step by step, no hurry, no pause, commenced another adventure seeking my goal with my heart set on my camera as always.

In 2016, while I was studying Photography at Coláiste Dhulaigh College, I developed more studio lighting skills and it was the key to find what I really wanted, photograph people and their beauty.

And here I am, running a photography business in Dublin with a lot of effort and pleasure at the same time. It has not been easy, it is not easy and it won’t be but, when you do things with passion and love, when you apply knowledge and sentiments, good things happens and make it less difficult. My adventure will continue, my dreams are not fulfilled yet, of course not, dream hard but try harder. It is the process what have to make you happy, the process is beautiful and who knows what happen next. Never stop dreaming!

Thank you very much to everybody who helped me in these path, especially to my family, my Irish family and all my clients for trust me!